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Like a butterfly
Like a butterfly
The butterfly hovering from one scented flower to the other, from one pretty color to the other, from one soft touch to the other, each is different in its own way, but all are touched by the hovering butterfly.
She is like a butterfly, I swear she is just like a butterfly. I gave birth today to a beautiful girl, and she is as beautiful as a butterfly. When I first heard her voice, her scream of life she gave out when she felt the gust of the cool air of the world for the very first time, it was the most beautiful song I have ever heard, so strong and so full of life, and so beautiful just like a butterfly.
Why can’t I be like a butterfly? My skin is wrinkled like the wavy lines of the dead desert, and my bones are bent like a submitted slave of the heartless time, my face is not my face anymore, and my body is a pain trip I am compelled to take. I hardly recognize myself in the lying mirror anymore. My past is full of regret and my future is promising nothing but
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Chapter 18 The second dawn
Chapter 18
The second dawn
Once again, Rion was crossing the vast spans of the sand that was dyed in a lifeless gray shade under the dark skies.
Though this time his steps were not aimless and lost, they were assured and steady from the renewed purpose in his heart and strengthened by the company of the black beast who followed him all the way from the mountain. Despite the menacing light that weaved in the horizon, the beast refused to hide in his realm of shadows, and leave the side of his supreme master of shadows.
Rion was approaching the village; he could see it on the edge of his keen sight from many miles away. The village seemed in deep slumber that he truly envied. How he missed the blissful oblivion that sleep mercifully offered. He could only seek the fleeting moment he found in the eyes of his dying victims, when they knew there lives were no more, and that he delivered them oblivion he couldn't have.
But no more, he seeks death no more, not before he reverse his own curse.
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chapter 17 powerless part 2
“Please drink this,” Offered the Mentor a hot pottery cup to Brad, who accepted it politely, “You will find it rather refreshing. Something to elevate your spirit.” He smiled encouragingly.
Brad nodded and eyed his very hot white drink suspiciously. But that suspicion was soon cast away by the intricate beauty of the marble looking cup, and the luring essence emanating from the drink.
Brad sipped from his cup the drink; he will soon call it the most eccentric drink he ever had. Its taste was staggeringly similar to tea, though a bit crisper, but nothing special. What was strange was its almost instantaneous effect. As if he directly poured what he drank in his blood, he felt a surge of energy spread through out his body, and felt the flames of his spirit dancing. He felt he there was nothing he could not do, that he had the power to tear off mountains from their roots.
Brad looked in astonishment at the Mentor.
The Mentor laughed lightly and said, “I told
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Betrayal by Windwalking Betrayal :iconwindwalking:Windwalking 0 1
Powerless Chapter 17 part 1
Chapter 17
“Where is he?” Brad’s voice was sad and heavy, but it came on Kelly like whispers of the ghost winds. She shook her head in sorrow, answering him as well as herself, for the same question echoed in her mind.
She was in a state were everything around her seemed unreal, washed away like an old oil painting, as if she was in a dream were the absence of logic, was the only logic. But one thing she was aware of, the countless faces of the curious villagers that converged around the battle scene, to see what caused that thunderous sound. She could feel their happiness that their leader defeated the foul demon; she could feel their relief that he left their village, but none of them felt the agony of his twisted fate, nor the sorrow in her fragile heart.
A bead of tear dropped on the ground. The cracked ground that witnessed a clash of swords, which came from the very opposite ends of the world, yet both were wielded in a battle of doubt.
Kelly stood wer
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The Nile 2 by Windwalking The Nile 2 :iconwindwalking:Windwalking 1 4 Nile 1 by Windwalking Nile 1 :iconwindwalking:Windwalking 0 2
The heavy burden part2
The Heavy burden part 2
Rion looked at the sword. It was darker than a moonless night, not even a glimpse of reflection of the blazing sun was on its sharp blade. As if the sword imprisoned light inside it, or shrouding in darkness. Then he realized it for the first time, the sword stayed completely black. Unlike the first time he held the sword, no symbols lit themselves in starking light on it.
“The sword knows what you failed to realized till now, that you are no longer him. It is refusing you as its wielder,” The Mentor took a couple of steps back away from Rion, then added calmly, “But if I were you, I would do whatever I can to lift that sword to defend my life…Right now.”
With every cell in Rion’s muscles screaming to its absolute limit, Rion lifted the sword.
And swords clashed in a heavy resonating sound.
Xaun was pushing his diamond blazed sword against him in monstrous strength. Rion's feet clinched to the ground, trying to keep that stren
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The heavy burden part1
Chapter 16
The Heavy Burden
“The Red dawn ended,” Said Xaun, hardly trying to suppress the anger in his voice, “And the cause of this curse is clear.”
He was seated at the head of an oval shaped table, which was cut from a large white stone slab with beautiful grey grains, inside the Hall of wisdom. The hall where all the leaders of the tribes could gather in, to discuss whatever pressing matter involved the tribes. The white stone walls of the vast hall were incised in Guardian’s writings on the stones, documenting the gathering of the tribes in all times inside the Hall, and all the outcome of those meetings even before the arrival to the Everland. But what was to be written on those ancient walls that day, what was going to be incised for eternity on those walls, was not pass unnoticed by the generations to come, it was a turning point in history.
It has been well over a week, since the festivals of the Red dawn ended abruptly, due to the ominous premat
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Shadows of the past by Windwalking Shadows of the past :iconwindwalking:Windwalking 0 4
Red dawn
Chapter 15
Red dawn
The sun that shine over the land of the noble Guardians. The same sun that is burning so fiercely, that leaves the land soar and dry in summer. The very same sun, that is distant and cold, that leaves the snow to cover everything, until nothing is left but cruel coldness.
That was the life style of the Guardians, that they were used to over the many generations that have passed. They saw no seasons of spring, where flowers blossoms, and birds sing happily under a warm sun, and a cool breeze. There was no such a thing. Though life is more fair than most think it is. They did not have spring, though they had the Red dawn.
"My great Mentor." Said a young Guardian very politely, while kneeling before the Mentor.
The Mentor was under the roof of his home. He owned many houses and temples even, but that house was only house he truly called his home. The house was very simple, like most of the houses in that village. It had a small platform, that was used as a table,
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Walking like ghosts
Once upon a time in a far far away land, there was a beautiful princess. Isn't this how most stories begin? Though most stories should begin like this. Once upon a boring moment inside the head of a messed up writer, there was a freakin ugly woman.
"Hey!!" Yelled the messed up writer on me. "Don't screw up my story." What a feeble threat. " And I am not messed up." He didn't sound very convinced of what he said. After all, he was the one talking to his third person narrator in his own story.
So, lest just ignore that messed up writer, and continue my purpose of existence. To tell his boring story to you. Where were we? Oh yea, that ugly young woman. The messed up writer was very cruel to her, he didn't give her a handsome prince in this story or anything. Though he gave her a gift, or rather a curse.
Her gift wasn't magical at all. She didn't turn into a beautiful princess, when the full moon came out, no matter how many times she prayed for it. Nor she turned any frogs into princes, n
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Intervention: Book 2 CH 14
Chapter 14
"Nothing I ever set my eyes on, was as beautiful as you." Said Brad with a serene and dreamy face, under the blazing hot sun of the Guardians, in front of the house that he spent the last ten days in.
"I told you, that you cant speak to me these words, before we are married." Said a sweet voice, who was feebly objecting with a blushed face.
"I know, I am sorry." Sighed Brad. "But ever since you put my face that very hot but delicious food, and my mind cant help but think of you." He reached out to touch her soft hands in hesitation. But she allowed him this time, though she could no longer look in his eyes from shyness. He was very grateful for that simple touch. A touch that returned the long lost warmth in his dead metal hands.
"Nothing will ever make me happy, than your sweet words to be truthful." Her face bore the sign of mixed sadness and overwhelming anxiety. "I know that Humans are not to be trusted. That lies are familiar to their tongues. But you are d
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Blind truth by Windwalking Blind truth :iconwindwalking:Windwalking 0 13

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